Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I think I need some direction. I have another blog where I mainly focus on my family (it's vhab.blogspot.com if you are interested.) I don't really want to blog my family here, since I already do it there, so I made a poll to see what people want to read about. Let me know, and I will try to comply! The poll is over there, to the right.


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Sharon said...

I think its good to have 2 blogs, you can leave your family one private so just your approved people can read it, and have this one just for your crafts for who ever to see.

I to have 2 blogs, I post to which ever Lm doing at the time. When I was working on our camper, I closed my crafting blog for 6 months, and only posted to the camping blog, but when done, I reopened the crafting blog, found some inspiration to create some files, and haven't posted to the other blog in a month.

You sound a lot like me in this crafting thing. I love it but struggle with it so. Inspiraton comes and goes.

Thanks you for stopping by my blog that's how I found you.